01 March 2019

Rockin The Studio podcast – Black Sabbath first album special



Midlands Metalheads Radio are celebrating 50 Years of Metal, and this started last week end. I had the honour of putting a show together  based around Black Sabbaths ground breaking first album – The album that is credited with starting Heavy Metal.

It would be short show if I just played the album so the show highlights the musical landscape at the time of release with tracks from  the album chart on February 13th 1970 when Black Sabbath was released.

I to highlight the impact and influence of this album I also put in covers of Sabbath songs by massive artists that have covered Black Sabbath songs.

Oh….. I also managed to cram in lots and lots of facts about that that first album, as well as about some other songs in the show.

As you regular listeners know, I’m rubbish with Facts and information…. so once you’ve listened the the podcast head over to the article that the might Steph (who’s a reviewer on the station) has written about 1970 for the 50 Years of Metal project –



Bil Ward – Bombers

Biohazard – After forever

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath – The Wizard

Black Sabbath – Behind the wall of sleep

Black Sabbath – N.I.B.

Black Sabbath – Evil Woman

Black Sabbath – Sleeping Village

Black Sabbath – Warning

Black Sabbath – Wicked world

Canned Heat – Amphetamine Annie

Crazy Lixx  – Wicked (FACEBOOK)

Cream  – Badge

Cream  – Crossroads

Creedance Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon rising

Deadland Ritual – Down in flames

Eden’s Curse – Unbreakable (FACEBOOK)

Fugitive – Slave to love (FACEBOOK)

House of Lords – Shoot

Iommi – Dopamine

Jimi Hendrix – If 6 was 9

Johnny Cash – Boy named Sue

Led Zeppelin – Good Times

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta love

Megadeth – Paranoid

Motley Crew – Bad boy boogie

Ozzy Osbourne  – Gets me through

Rolling Stones – Paint it black

Rolling Stones – Honky tonk Woman

Sepultura – Symptom of the Universe

The Beatles – Lucy in the sky with diamonds

The Beatles – Come together

Tuff  – All new generation

White zombie – Children of the grave

The unsigned/up and coming bands that were on the show, I’ve included a link to their Facebook page. Please ‘like’ and share them and show some love as they work their asses off to create music. Without people like you….. smaller bands will never get to be bigger bands.

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