24 February 2019

1970- 50 Years Of Metal

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As you may have seen ,The team at Midland’s Metal Head’s are going to be taking you on a journey right back to the 1970’s till present, in celebration of 50 year’s of Metal. We will be writing about album’s that took the world by a storm and influenced the metal bands we know and love up to this day.  Were going to be taking you right back to an era where it all began, In a area called Aston/Birmingham, England with member’s,Toni Iommi , Ozzy Osbourne ,Bill Ward,Geezer Butler.Who were originally were known as The Polka Tulk Blues band which shortened to the Polka Tulk and later changed to Black Sabbath.The band made one of their first debut gigs at a   pub called The Crown in Station Street Birmingham  in 1968 , costing only 5 shillings(25p) imagine that,.The world had not heard music like this before and it caused quite the controversy with the public protesting their music and accusing the band as being devil worshiper’s. The band were instantly signed to Phillip’s Records in 1969 which was later changed to Vertigo Records. The album was recorded in London at Regent Sound Studios , with their first self titled album release.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

The album was released on Friday 13th in February 1970.Which Successfully reached number 8 in the UK chart’s. Geezer Butler(bassist) at the time of writing the album had been intrigued by the dark art’s of the occult,which heavily influenced the writing and producing of the album. Ozzy’s vocals really gave the album the atmosphere it needed, his nasally low tone voice and that eerie laugh bought out the dark ambiance the band were aiming for . Adding to the sound was Toni Iommi’s unique guitar playing , after having an unfortunate industrial accident at work,causing him to loose the tip of his finger. This was not going to stop him doing what he does he was born to do .He had down tuned his guitar, changed his strings to Banjo stings (as they were a lot lighter). melted down a fairy liquid lid to the tip of his finger also adding a strip of leather.It didn’t take Iommi to adjust to this new technique . Iommi to this day can play the most heaviest riffs to the most intense solo’s as he is very fond of the blues. The Lp consisted of,

Black Sabbath
The Wizard
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me
Sleeping Village

The song Evil woman was actually a cover by a band called Crow who were from Minneapolis USA. The album has been known to influence a wide spread of genre’s over the year’s and many artist’s will always say one of their biggest influence’s has been Black Sabbath.



Why this was all happening in Birmingham,Now proudly known as the Home Of Heavy Metal,there was another hidden band we don’t hear much about from a well known place in New York,Called Brooklyn.A band called Sir Lord Baltimore.The band had formed in 1968 and last played a tour in 2015.But not with the original line up.

Sir Lord Baltimore- Kingdom Come

The album was released in December 1970 released with Mercury Records. The original member’s of the band were,John Garner,Louis Dambra, Gary Justin.What intrigued me about this band was that the drummer was also the lead singer, which was rare for rock and roll at the time. The band have been labelled ‘The godfather’s of stoner rock’ and the first American heavy metal band. The band were known for their fast playing and a lot of high pitch feed back from distortion, mainly coming from the bass. Also multi-tracking the guitar’s to make them louder. Although we may use this Technic today i can only imagine what this would have been like on it’s release. The Lp list consisted of,

Master Heartache
Hard Rain Fallin
Lady of Fire
Lake Isle of Innersfree
Pumped Up
Kingdom Come
I Got a Woman
Hell Hound”
Helium Head (I Got a Love)
Ain’t Got Hung on You

1971- 50 Years Of Metal