29 April 2021

Rockhammer Show 58 with Stevie J featuring Gojira

In another thriller, Stevie J Swings the #Rockhammer, attempts Swedish pronunciation… and fails and brings you the very best from around the globe, including:

Ozzy Osbourne-Miracle Man
Gojira-Born for one thing
Anthrax-Room for one more
Monster Magnet-Learning to die
Just a Ride-Razor
Gojira-Into the Storm
Cathredral-(Hopkins) The Witchfinder General
Valley of the Sun-Hearts Aflame
Holocaust-Heavy Metal Mania
Gojira-L’enfant Sauvage
Papa Roach-Who do you trust?
Deaf Rat-Tying you down
Angelus Apatrida-Killer Instinct
Motorhead-The Hammer
Amken-God’s Asleep
Rob Zombie-The Triumph of a King Freak
Blessed Black-The Black Gate
Unida-Left us to mold