30 April 2021

Darkside – 29-4-21 – 2 Hours of the best of New Extreme Metal

Darkside 29-4-21 – 2 hours of Extreme Metal


Váthos –  Sanctimonius Beliefs

WIZARDTHRONE – Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia

Ancient Malignity – Insidious Discord

Pantheon – Choir of Death

Goats of Doom- Rotat

IMPALED NAZARENE – Triumphant Return Of The Antichrist

Journey Into Darkness – The Insignificance Of

Morticula Rex –  The Silence Within

WYTHERSAKE – Feast Upon The Seraph Within

Unflesh – Amongst Horrors Must I Dwell

bodybag – leather apron

TrveSovereign  – Stranger in the Fog

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR- Bathe_the_Stone_in_Blood

ORDINUL NEGRU- Vodevil Isais

Cadaveric Incubator – Through the Flesh

Christian Cosentino –  Duality

Vitrail – Le semeur

DISEMBODIMENT – Transcendent Upheaval Of Unholy Graves

Unfathomable_Ruination – The Great Contaminator

Bloodred Hourglass – Veritas


EMBRYONIC SLUMBER  – Mortify Your Servant