05 April 2018

‘Ride The Rhino’ – Rage Cave Album Review

Rage Cave ‘Ride The Rhino’ (2018)

Stoke based three piece ‘Rage Cave’ have released their much awaited debut album ‘Ride The Rhino’ in January of this year and have already received copious amounts of positive feedback!

‘Ride The Rhino’ has been released following Rage Cave’s initial self-titled EP back in 2016, which Jeffries explains ‘didn’t represent [our] sound properly’. Since then, the band gained a new bass player who holds the same passion for metal as Jeffries, which stands out immensely on this album! Maxwell, Zakir and Kieron have become very well known within the rock and metal community across the Midlands; playing venues such as The Sugarmill, The Underground and The Rigger. The album was recorded at Riff Factory with Engineer Tom Carter. Jeffries commented on his experience at Riff Factory as ‘kick-ass’! This album holds exactly where these guys are as a band right now – three eighteen year olds trying to make their mark on the hard rock and metal scene!! A perfect mark to their first full length effort.

Rage Cave EP (2016)


The self-titled EP was recorded and produced by Chris Dulson at his studio in Stoke, Venombase Studios. The artwork was created by the mind of Elliot Mellor.

Their influences of Black Sabbath, Anvil & Iron Maiden holds a bold reflection of classic metal characteristics throughout this album with bold guitar riffs, powerful vocals and storytelling lyrical content. The opening track to this album ‘No Way Out’ highlights all of these elements. Jeffries vocal reach on this one in particular is epic, truly reflecting a love for all things metal! These artistic guidances are made prominent again in ‘Secular Sabbath’; a mimic to what I believe to be a pure Black Sabbath approach. A catchy melody with hypnotic time changes and fascinating trances.

Each member gets to show off their skills in ‘The World (Doesn’t Revolve Around You)’ which not only holds an awesome drum arrangement from Zakir Eyrolles, but also gives a ‘Red Hot Chill Peppers’ styled bass run of pure, rock, loveliness from Kieron Shore! I like the fact that the concentration is on the rhythm section during the bridges of this piece.

‘Devil’s Advocate’ has one of my favourite riffs of 2018 so far! A tune that in my opinion holds a more punk-like structure, but the good kind of punk…..using a few different vocal techniques defining the different sections of the song. A nice dynamic to the album.

One of my most-loved parts about this release is the triad for ‘Neanderthal’. We go through three tracks, Rage Cave, Spaze Haze & Kill to Live, all representing a different part of a story…..

”its about a caveman discovering that the outside world is not all that it’s cracked up to be. In some ways, you can draw parallels with the modern day world as you step out of your house and see wars and famine and everything wrong with the world. I suppose I just wanted to put a different spin on that’ – Maxwell Jeffries, Vocals & Lead Guitar

The prehistoric theme has been a continuation from their self-titled EP (2016) where they included the song ‘Mastodon’; the artwork for their latest album as well as the triad for ‘Neanderthal’ coincide with this idea of discovery and adventure.

The title track rounds off this album spot on. Combining a variety of themes from the rest of the album, this track demonstrates accuracy and articulates the knowledge and skill these guys have to create a pure rock sound. The cuban drumming that opens this track slowly builds into a collision of hybrid genres (very much a Led Zeppelin sound!). Then plays off into yet another corker!

Bravo Indeed, Chaps.




‘Ride The Rhino’ is now available on all streaming sites including Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.

Track Listing:

  • No Way Out
  • The World (Doesn’t Revolve Around You)
  • Devil’s Advocate
  • Secular Sabbath
  • Neanderthal, Pt. 1: Rage Cave
  • Neanderthal, Pt. 2: Spaze Haze
  • Neanderthal, Pt. 3: Kill to Live
  • Ride The Rhino

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