26 February 2017

Review: Seraph Sin – God What Have I Done EP

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“God What Have I Done?” You wouldn’t believe how many times I have uttered those words. Only this time I haven’t uttered them whilst holding my hung over head in my hands. They are instead the title of the latest offering from Glasgow based industrial metal act SERAPH SIN.

The release comprises of four tracks and capably gives a taste of what punters can expect when they hit the road across the UK next month with Pig and Mortiis. ‘Up On High’ gets the blood pumping with an admirable energy, a pulsing electro bass line pinning down an industrial rock number that will sound pleasing to fans of ‘Grudge’ era Mortiis. ‘Set Em Up’ continues the urgent pace but has a jauntier feel thanks to the punk rock dynamic to the rhythm section, not a million miles from an Uncle Al ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod’ vibe. ‘Dry Deity’ changes lanes rather dramatically with a slower more emotional tempo and guitars taking on a goth shimmer. Quite a surprise after the first two songs and hints either at a band willing to diversify or perhaps a band not quite locked on a target yet. The EP closes with the title track which drops a cog and surges into top gear. A noisy high tempo driving industrial rock trip that doesn’t let up it’s death grip until the final beat leaves you sucking in air.

This EP is an almost rock solid release that has a spiky energy and and a balls to the (closed down industrial complex) walls enthusiasm. A full length release will perhaps allow me to get a better feel for what the band are capable of and perhaps a fuller understanding of their musical palate but as a taster EP it is an enjoyable romp.


For fans of Mortiis, Broken era Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13.

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Review by John E Smoke