23 March 2017

Review: Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

They’ve been called the hottest new band around. They’ve been called the strongest British rock act in years. They are about to release their debut album “Eternity, In Your Arms”. They’re called Creeper.

On March 24th, Creeper release their highly-anticipated debut album “Eternity, In Your Arms”. Forming in 2014, the Southampton horror-punks exploded onto the scene and moved from strength to strength. Their previously released EPs, “Creeper”, “The Callous Heart” and “The Stranger” are packed full of riffs, catchy lyrics, and an undeniable amount of passion. Having signed to Roadrunner Records, Creeper are on the cusp of being the next big thing and “Eternity, In Your Arms” could be what pushes them over the edge.

I want to start by saying that I have not been this excited for an album in a long time. Creeper are more than just a band, Creeper are a cult. All you need to do is look at the mass of obsessive fans that follow their every cryptic tweet to see that Creeper has already passed beyond the realm of just a band. If anything, all this album is going to do is multiply that by a thousand. Although only a quarter of the way through the year, this is most definitely in the running for album of the year.

“Callous hearts don’t break”. Spoken word, accompanied by haunting piano leads into the brilliant “Black Rain”. As the most recent single from the album and a favourite Creeper song of mine, this song is a perfect indicator of things to come. Vocalist Will Gould personifies the idea of a frontman. His masterfully sung lyrics elevate the music beyond anything you could imagine and tie everything together with such precision.

Ramping up the tempo, second track “Poison Pens” really shows the bands punk influences. Fast guitars, fast drums, and loud vocals, all dressed up in the theatrical darkness that is Creeper. The high tempo chaos continues through the next two tracks, singles “Suzanne” and “Hiding with Boys”. These songs were the perfect singles. Simplistic and memorable. If you can listen to these songs and not have them playing in your head all day then props to you, because they are sure as hell stuck in mine.

Slowing down, for “Misery”, a song taken from “The Stranger” EP, Gould’s vocal talents are once again expressed. There versatility of his voice is something so many bands lack and is something that Creeper capitalise on so well. Track 6, “Down Below”, will no doubt become a staple of the live set. Listening to it you can almost picture the crowed screaming “Down Below” through the chorus and replicating the almost choir like backing vocals scattered throughout.

“Room 309” returns to the punk influences found earlier in the album and much like its predecessors does exactly what any fan of Creeper expects by now. What I did not expect was what came next. As the door on “Room 309” is closed, the crickets begin to chirp and one of the most breath taking songs on the album begins. I was writing this review with the album playing in the background and froze during “Crickets”. Keyboardist Hannah Greenwood steps into the limelight, offering up lead vocals on this slow, acoustic tune. It is in such contrast to the rest of the album yet fits so perfectly. It could bring a tear to your eye and shows how much talent is in this band, especially within Greenwood.

“Darling” and “Winona Forever” are more fast paced rock songs. Songs that crowds want to hear and the sorts of songs that the scene has been in dire need of. Creeper do what they do so well that whilst their influences, such as AFI and Alkaline Trio, are so apparent, the songs are all their own.

And so draws to a close one of the best albums I have had the pleasure of listening to for many years. We are left with one final piano lead song, “I Choose to Live”. A remarkable sing-along song that creates images of the lights fading to black and the curtains drawing to a close on what is an unbelievable performance.

“Eternity, In Your Arms” is a masterpiece. There are no two ways about it. An immersive, artistic experience that for 38 minutes and 12 seconds, will take you on a journey. Our scene has been lacking in acts with the full package in recent years. Creeper are that full package. They have an already fantastic catalogue of songs and showmanship reminiscent of “Black Parade” era My Chemical Romance. I simply cannot fault them.


Rating: 10/10 (Yes, it’s that good!)

Recommendations: “Black Rain”, “Down Below”, “Crickets”

For fans of: AFI, My Chemical Romance and music in general

Find Creeper online: Facebook, Twitter

“Eternity, In Your Arms” is released on March 24th via Roadrunner Records and is available on digital download, CD or vinyl!

Reviewed by Alexander Rawstorne

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