18 June 2015

Prurient – Frozen Niagara Falls

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prurientI have closely followed the activities of a certain Ian Dominick Fernow who chiefly releases sound and music under the Prurient banner. At times during his musical evolution, the releases have been ‘difficult’, harsh and uncompromising, but also in recent years he has teased us with facets of warmth and even suggestions of pop sensibility. Don’t get me wrong, there is unlikely to be a gaggle of screaming teenagers in Prurient tshirts any time soon…


The latest body of Prurient work is here and is entitled ‘Frozen Niagara Falls’, due for release through Profound Lore. It is a journey. This journey makes stops at all the expected destinations, encompassing harsh voices, burst of noise both digital and other worldly and full on walls of sound. Also present are the welcoming and alluring synth passages that for example worked well on previous long player ‘Bermuda Drain’. However, to these ears, this time around there is more of a focus on these elements which brings to mind an angry John Carpenter remixed by ‘Last Rights’ era Skinny Puppy.


The impression left after several listens is that the title hints at a chilly aural landscape, all blues and greys for those who experience chromosthesia. However, I personally think that the album at times comes dangerously close to an entire thaw of this frozen Niagara, with warm reds and oranges washing forth from the lush synthscapes and the acoustic aspects to the recordings.


This last observation should not in any way be seen as a criticism. This is the most engaging Prurient release I have heard yet and one that will return via the freeze/thaw of the seasons to reveal further hidden depths.