11 November 2019

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons with support from King Creature at the Tramshed, Cardiff. 9 November 201

Ending a tour on your home city is always going to mean a good turnout. Tonight was no exception. With only a handful of tickets left, the Tramshed was going to be packed. This is a brilliant venue, with some great bands picking this up on their tours.

King Creature were supporting the local band. A hard rock 4 piece from Cornwall who had picked up the support slot for the whole tour. They are proud of their heritage – announcing ‘We’re not English, we are Cornish!’ to huge applause from the Welsh audience.

They are a perfect fit to support Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – aside from their thunderous hard rock sound, they supported Motorhead at the Eden Project in 2015. Their 45 minute set is varied – they don’t have an instantly recognisable sound, except it is hard and heavy with fantastic harmonic vocals. No-one could accuse their music as sounding the same in every track. There is a bit of a swagger to them as they give us tracks from their 2017 album ‘Volume One’ which had storming reviews when it was released. Dave Kellaway (Vocals, Bass) commands centre stage while Dave Evans (Guitar) hits the crowd with some screaming solos from his vantage point.  Matt Vincent (Guitar/Vocals) and Dave Evans work the crowd with dual guitars, underpinned and held together by the heavy drums of Jack Sutton-Bassett whose expressive pounding has plenty of crowd reaction. King Creature is a band that modern Rock needs. We are treated to a new song  ‘Falling Down Again’ which has a catchiness to it which gets the crowd going.  finish with a tumultuous crescendo, the crowd stamp and cheer their appreciation. They have been fortunate to pick up some great festival slots, and more exposure and material will see them going a long way

If you can’t catch them at a gig, have a listen to their debut album ‘Volume One’ . Its a great rock album.

King Creature are:

Dave Kellaway – Bass/Vocals
Matt K Vincent – Guitar/Backup Vocals
Dave Evans – Guitar
Jack Bassett – Drums


By the time the headline band hit the stage, the Tramshed was packed. The entrance music called an anticipatory hush to the crowd, desperate to see the local band. A roar goes up as Phil Campbell, in his trademark hat and dark glasses brings the band on stage. Each one receiving yells and applause as they take their place.

Unsurprisingly, the Motorhead influences are obvious, and welcomed. many PCATBS fans are here because of the heritage that precedes them. Phil plays his array of guitars as brilliantly now as he ever has, but laid back, and as Todd takes the lead, it is obvious that he has inherited the skill of playing guitars with ease. You won’t see the contorted guitar faces so often seen on stage, but the skill and passion is right here. With Tyla on bass, and Dane on drums, the rhythm section manages to sustain an average of about 120 bpm throughout the set.

They kick off with a couple of tracks from the album ‘Age of Absurdity’, before Phil checks the audience know off his solo project – ‘Old Lions Still Roar’ and we are treated to ‘These Old Boots’, and later in the set ‘Straight Up’. The band are true to their roots – the set has several Motorhead classics in it. Each one giving the audience the chance to join in, including the instruction from Neil to ‘jump about a bit’ as they start ‘Get on Your Knees’. From the start of the set until the end, he rarely stops. Nimble on his toes dancing round the stage leading the Campbells in the delivery of some really cracking old style rock. The crowd are really up for a party as they crack on with set regular RAMONES heading straight back to the track so short, and so fast it is over in a flash.

The second half of the set is filled with some old classics, and after ‘Silver Machine’ Phil dedicates ‘Ace of Spades’ to everyone who has ever played in Motorhead. They finish of the main set with ‘Ringleader’ – the first single off their album.

The short break is filled, as expected, with demands for them to return, and we have a 3 track encore. This was the last night of the tour, and the home town gig was played to a packed venue. Phil introduces his band to the crowd, and they finally finish with another classic – ’Killed by Death’.

The venue slowly emptied into the cold wet Cardiff night. It had been one of those gigs that would be talked about for years.

Phil Campbell and the bastard Sons are:

Phil Campbell – Guitar
Neil Starr – Vocals
Todd Campbell – Guitar
Dane Campbell – Drums
Tyla Campbell – Bass