25 July 2020

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 25th July 2020

Skid Row – Slave to the Ground
Jack J Hutchinson – Autumn Leaves
Queen – Sail away Sweet sister
Myles Kennedy – Turning Stones
Bullets and Octane – Aliens
Bullets and Octane – Riot Riot Rock n Roll
The Jamie Porter Band
Sterallis – Why Wont You Love Me
Zachary Kibee – Pull Me Of This Train
Vixen – Love Is A Killer
Y+T – Don’t Stop Runnin
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hard to Concentrate
Living Colour – Inner City Blues
Van Halen – Spanked
Jimi Hendrix – Thing I Used to Do
Ryders Creed -Memories
Chris Cornell – You Know My Name
Linkin Park – Numb
Romeos Daughter – Touch
Iconic Eye – You Make It
Slash – Anastastasia
Europe – Cherokee
4th Labyrinth – I’m a Hunter
Suicide Notes – On The Rocks
The Kymatiks – Broke Rules and Happy Fools