25 July 2020

Dancing With The Dead Podcast July 25

A weekly mix of new music, this week is stacked with a healthy chunk of punk and a large part of the show is a gamble as we listen to new music for the first time and give you an honest unfiltered reaction.

There is music from

BodyCount – thee critical beatdown
Ice T – feds in my rearview
Enemo J – dort funlop
Dready Bear – heaven or hell
Severed Illusions – stand our ground
MDV – russian roulette
Kids Of Skids – army store
ManDown – we want blood
The Owen Guns – it`s too late
Gob Patrol – anarchy
Moot – i want to be like clint eastwood
Pathogens – i wanna be in quarantine
Ward XVI – imago
Tides – watch it burn
Shotgun Mistress – glorious machine
BlackHawkDown – faces
Defiant – dust the democracy
M.O.B. – lickerish
Pigweed – misalvation
King Bull – the depender
Social Animals – something to keep me awake
Stepford Wives – all on me
The Vendettas – face to face
Killatrix – broken teeth
Seething Akira – gravity
Pitchshifter – efkd 2020
Maximum The Hormone – anura whiskey ponce

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