22 March 2020

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 21st March 2020

NXS – Good Times

Midnite City – Life Aint this on the Radio

Swamp Born Assassins – Dead Mans Train

Duff McKagan – Falling Down

Pearl Jam – Rear View Mirror

Last Great Dreamers – Broken Things

Ryders Creed – Lost Soul

These Wicked Rivers – Dont pray for me

Little Angels – Dont pray for me

Dio – Rainbow in the Dark

Thunder -Backstreet Symphony

Howling Tides – Cheap Painkiller

WoflJaw -Thunder Child

Outlaw Orchestra -See you in Hell

Def Leppard – Armegeddon it

Rocket Dolls -The Grip

Warrant – Cherry Pie

Gorllla Riot -Mind your Head

Tomorrow is Lost -Hideaway

Loz Campbell -Generic Girl

Fugiive -The Weekend

Hell’s Addiction – Runing Away

Elvis Presley -Cant Help faalling in love with you

Aerosmith – Hangman Jury

Big River – Devil’s Whiskey