22 March 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 20.03.20

On this week’s edition of The Global Onslaught we bring you some of the hardest, heaviest sounds around with an eclectic mix of bluesy rock and roll and with a smattering of acoustic just to top things off nicely. Last weekend we had a sit down and a chat with Birmingham Metal to the Masses heat 3 winners Phantom State and Awaken Eternity and we’ll be bringing you those interviews to today’s proceedings.

On the show this week.

Alter the Sky- Sanctuary
Aversions Crown-The Soil
Body Count- Bum Rush
Crimson Shadows-Betrayed by the King
Ego Kill Talent-Now!
Emmure-Gypsy Disco
Graces Collide-Another Sun
Gotthard- Every Time I Die
Igloo-Feed My Brain
Jared James Nichols-Threw Them to the Wolves
Khemmis-Rainbow in the Dark
Malevolence-Keep Your Distance
Oranssi Pazuzu-UusiTeknokraia
Phantom State- I am The Wolf
Sectile-Black Cloud
Testament-Children of the Next Level
Thirteen Stars-Mint Jelly
White Stones-Rusty Shell
Witchcraft-Elegantly Expressed Depression