19 August 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 17th August 2019



Motley Crue – Kickstart my heart

Extreme – Play with me

Theia – Throw me a bone

Haxan – Back to my place

Zacahary Kibbee – It feels Electric

Bullets and Octane – When we were young

Midnite City – Here comes the party

A Jokers Rage – Temptress

Iron Maiden – Lord of the Flies

The Idol Dead – Bones of you

Stone Broken – Not your enemy

Strong like Bull – Live while you can

Slash – World on fire

The Dead Daisies – My time

Marco Mendoza – Sue is on the run

The Treatment – Bite Back

Van Halen – Aint talkin about love

Skarlet Riot – Empty inside

Inglorious – Where are you know?

Jon Bon Jovi – Sante Fe

Kiss – Doctor Love

Ryders Creed- On the Road

Mason Hill – Now you see me

Luke Appleton – Stone Broke from my heart

Queen – Sail away sweet sister