24 February 2020
The vocalist of Palaye Royal sining into his microphone whilst holding his other hand up to the side of him.

Palaye Royale Gallery – Live from KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton – 23.02.2020

After a turbulent 24hrs, the Canadian brothers in Palaye Royale, managed to turn a cancelled show into a huge success!

Originally set to play the O2 Institute2 Birmingham, Palaye Royale received the news they didn’t want to hear – their show had been cancelled… This was the second time a venue had pulled a show from under their feet with less than 24hrs to doors.

A few night prior, their show in Glasgow was pulled just an hour before doors. This time the band were determined to find an alternative venue and still put a show on for the fans. With the help of KK’s Steel Mill, the show was risen from the ashes and was able to go ahead, to a larger crowd than was planned for the original venue!




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