27 October 2020

No Regrets 27/10/20

No Regrets is two hours of punk, metal, metalpunk, and hardcore with a smattering of rock n’ roll for good measure. All selected from Smell’s Vinyl Record collection. Expect chaos. No Requests. NO REGRETS.

Every Tuesday from Tuesday 6-8pm GMT | 7 am – 9 pm CET | 10-noon PST | 1-3 am EST

Motorhead-1 Track mind

Krum bums- Hit and run

Bodycount- Bum rush

Ramones- Warthog

Headcat 13- Lets go crazy

King Kurt- Road to rack and ruin

The Restarts- First world problems

Charge 69- Authority

Whipstriker- Living like a dog

Skull N Bone- Insane youth

Bomber- Speed RnR

Louis Jordan- Caldonia

Shane Macgowan and the Popes- That womans got me drinking

GBH- Momentum

Adolescents- Fast Fucked and Furious

Adrenaline O.D- Rock and Roll gas station

Sleaford mods- My jampandy

Crass- Big MAN BIG M.A.N

D.R.I- I don’t need society

Noise a go go’s- Wild and crazy

Flag of democracy-The family knows

Motorhead- Motorhead

Segregates- Snake eyes

Leader of down- People say im crazy

Attila the stockbroker- Away day