03 November 2020

No Regrets 03/11/20

No Regrets is two hours of punk, metal, metalpunk, and hardcore with a smattering of rock n’ roll for good measure. All selected from Smell’s Vinyl Record collection. Expect chaos. No Requests. NO REGRETS.

Every Tuesday from Tuesday 6-8pm GMT | 7 am – 9 pm CET | 10-noon PST | 1-3 am EST


Motorhead-Eagle rock


Aus Rotten-Whos calling the shots

Anthrax-Running on empty

Subhumans-Fear and confusion

James Williamson/Deniz Tek-Stable

Blue Jinns-Fast fast woman

Sick on the bus-Kill your self

Oxymoron-Down the drain

Iron fist-Motorpunk

Inepsy-Horror on the greyhound

Elmore james-Dust my blues

Mishka Shubaly-Fuck self control


Meteors-Sweet love on my mind

Subversives-Win or ruin

Action-Suicide squad

Vice squad-Lithium

Leader of down-Cascade in to chaos

Darkthrone-Witch ghetto