13 October 2020

No Regrets 13/10/20

Smell from Motorpunk band Segregates plays the finest records in his collection. A free education in stupidity…

All Vinyl ALL PROPER! Plenty of Punk rock, Metalpunk, Metal and TOP NOTCH Rock N’ Roll.


Motorhead-Dr Rock

Children of Technology- Chaos Mutant Hordes

The Stakeout-Lost it

Johnny Thunders and the heartbreakers-Baby talk

Johnny Moped-Wee Wee

Abigale-War 666

Tiger Junkies-Sick of Tiger

Conflict-Theres no power

English Dogs-Psycho Killer

Pink Fairies-The Snake


The Nills-Ramsey the bastard

D.R.I-Sad to be me

The Virus-Now this

Homebrew-Cider punk revolution

Truth Decay-Cut the chord

Keith Richards-Could of stood you up

Scorpions-Sails of Charon

Segregates-Preach to me

The Drunks-Death dealer

Darkthrone-I am the working class

Wednesday night heroes-Live fast die young

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons-Gypsie Kiss

Persian Risk-Rip it up