06 October 2020

No Regrets 06/10/2020

No Regrets is two hours of punk, metal, metalpunk, and hardcore with a smattering of rock n’ roll for good measure. All selected from Smell’s Vinyl Record collection. Expect chaos. No Requests. NO REGRETS.

Every Tuesday from Tuesday 6-8pm GMT | 7 am – 9 pm CET | 10-noon PST | 1-3 am EST

Motorhead-On your feet or on your knees
Inepsy-Whos next
Black flag-Thirsty and miserable
Lab rats-Point blank
Sick on the bus-Wont stop
Anti Nowhere League-Cant stand Rock n Roll
Dr Feelgood-Paradise
The Stooges-Loose
UK Subs-Deconstruct
Rainbow-Run with the wolf
Little Richard-Rip it up/Lawdie lawdie miss clawdy
CRO MAGS-No ones victim
Bad Brains-Banned in DC
Children of technology-No mans land
Leader of down-Paradise turned in to dust
Little villains-Attack
Tank-Turn your head around
Darkthrone-Leave no cross unturned
Headcat w/Johnny Ramone-Good rockin tonight