09 May 2020

Moon And Stars- Sound Of The Underground-08.05.20

For those that missed it.Check out the latest episode of Moon And Stars Sound Of The Underground.


The show is in full support of the Black Metal scene during these difficult times.


This weeks shows tracks



Sorgelig- Mnoeg

Ante-Inferno- Worship

Sores-Lost In The Void Of My Creation

And Oceans-Five Of Swords


The Last Seed-Arise

Aggaloch-I Am The Wooden Doors

Alcest-Souvenirs d’un autre monde

Haxanu-Anima Mundi

Behemoth-Sabbath Mater

Eternal Armageddon-Black Thrash Bastards

Helfro-Avoxta Af Rotnu Tre

Black Pestilence- Cloven Division

Burzum-The Loss Of Thule

Two Face Sinner-Mother Death

Nadir-The Great Dying


If you would like your track played on my next show whether signed or unsigned or have a request email in at info@mmhradio.co.uk