02 May 2020

Moon And Stars Sound Of The Underground 01.05.20


For those that missed last nights show!


Check out the latest podcast featuring Moon And Stars in Sound Of The Underground.


The show is solely dedicated to supporting the Black Metal scene during these difficult times.


Tracks from this weeks show


1. Downcross-War Maiden Of The Worlds

2.Ashen Horde-The Entity

3.Aura Noir- Conqueror

4.Morgengrau-Am Ende


6.Mystagogue-The Splender Of Demise

7.(0)- Skarntyder

8.At The Gates- Raped By The Light Of Christ

9.Karnivore-Black Flames

10.Crooked Horns-To Become As One

11.Wells Valley-Forty Days

12. Morknatt-Victorious Satan

13.Dark Throne-The Pagan Winter

14. Theosophy-Full Moon Triumph

15.T.O.M.B-Fury Nocturnus

16.Katatonia- The Winter Of Our Passing


If you would like you track played on the next show or have a request email info@mmhradio.co.uk or Moonandstars@mmhradio.co.uk