21 October 2021

MMH World Video Exclusive: Reaper – ‘Rebirth of Chaos’

Reaper revisit the past and bring back the Thrashing we’ve all been needing!

Rebirth of Chaos‘ is an assault of a relentless and aggressive modern take on traditional thrash, with groove, melody and riffage. Sharp riffs blend with tight drumming, power vocals lead and attack, from the off, you know what you’re dealing with. There’s no messing about, you can hear nods to their contemporaries of the bay area and the advancements of the genre with speed, groove and a bit of party thrown in for good measure.

Watch the video below:


Rebirth of Chaos‘ is the reimagining of the original ‘Birth of Chaos‘ released in 2018, an album fraught with engineering issues, line-up changes, and general life happenings that elongated the eventual drop. ‘Birth of Chaos‘ is seen by the band now as more of a lengthy EP, although not to dismiss the performances from the disc’s clientele and has had the deepest breath of fresh air adjusted to it in ‘Rebirth of Chaos‘.

Songs written with all of the mid-teen thrash-loving angst weren’t represented as purposefully on the initial production as the remaining founders, Daniel Moran and Anthony Capitano, would have liked. They circled back to the release with a fully functioning and determined line-up in Anthony Longworth and Elliott Kyriakides, and the engineering make-up of ‘Stranger Than Fiction‘, Loic Gaillard returning to engineer the drum recordings and David Dyson to take the lead thereon.

What was once a fun but naive and brittle project of 80’s bay area tropes and tricks in competently arranged material let down by an amateur mix – the result of Ant C and Dan working with what little resources they had to self-engineer from a kitchen in the early February to April morning hours – has been transformed into a barrage of devastating riffs, massive arrangements, and just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek attitude to give the audience the knowing nod. Lyrical missteps have been overwritten, the endings have been reinforced to cataclysmic result, and all of the childhood nostalgia of over-the-top vocal performances and dual shred guitars has been rightfully injected.

We couldn’t be more proud, this is Rebirth of Chaos.

1. Possessor of Evil (7:35)
2. Wartorn (3:18)
3. World at Redemption (4:15)
4. The Crypt (4:47)
5. Entropy (6:54)
6. Wings of Darkness (6:31)
7. Checkmate (5:59)
8. Area 51 (4:21)
9. Sixth Circle of Hell (4:41)
10. The Way of the Shinobi (6:11)