27 October 2021

I the Betrayer – Guise of the Infectious Premiere MMH

I the Betrayer is made up of five guys from altogether different musical backgrounds brought together by their love of metal, and random chance, to create music which encompasses every part of their collective vision.

Influenced by all kinds of styles, from blues and progressive rock to death metal, they have managed to carve their own identity within the genre. Among the heavy metal chugging and pounding drums, you can expect to hear soaring vocal melodies leading to guttural lows, progressive inspired leads on top of driving metal progressions and contemplative clean passages exploding into a forceful and commanding song.

Watch the video for Guise of the Infectious:

Guise of the Infectious takes on the devastation that misinformation leads to. Especially with the Pandemic ravaging the globe, human stubbornness and pack-mentality can lead to terrible consequences that not only harms the individual, but society as a whole. To overcome this, one should strive to ascertain the truth from logic and proven theory and try to think and act on what’s best for the collective.