10 December 2020

MMH – Repeat Offenders #6

The task of choosing five songs never far from the player lands with me, your resident purveyor of all things weird. I could have chosen ten easily, or even hundreds given enough time but for now read on for a mix of post metal, alternative, electronic, hip hop and more post metal…

HIDE – Man’s Best Friend

This band was a random find for me, a recommendation followed through and I was instantly hooked. HIDE is a duo formed of Heather Gabel and Seth Sher creating aggressive and punishing industrial sounds. Both of their albums ‘Hell Is Here’ and ‘Castration Anxiety’ are immense and abrasive, with no need to fall into the trappings of the industrial metal sound to give them an edge. In October of this year they unleashed this new track and it is everything I like about HIDE. Not easy listening but if this paragraph intrigues you then I urge you to have a listen.

Solstafir – Rökkur

I found myself reviewing the newest album ‘Endless Twilight of Codependent Love’ earlier this month and it has become a firm favourite of mine. This track is my chosen song, sounding like a post metal Nick Cave butting heads with David Bowie. Wonderful.

Idles – War

Idles are probably one of my most listened to bands of recent years. The debut ‘Brutalism’ was visceral and uncouth alternative rock with a huge dollop of punk (not the pretty pop punk nonsense). Album number two ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’ evolved amazingly and I thought it would be hard to top. Therefore I breathed a huge sigh of relief when album number three ‘Ultra Mono’ turned out to be the heftiest album yet. ‘War’ is the opening track and like the real thing, it takes no prisoners.

Clipping – Pain Everyday

Another band rarely far from wherever I’m playing music. I’ve long enjoyed hip hop, especially when it clashes with other gritty and dark genres. This track shows just some of what they are capable of: dark atmospheres, earth shaking bass, beats verging on digital hardcore and the razor sharp vocals by Daveed Diggs. This band truly has no boundaries, the predecessor album featured a track that was literally the sound of a piano burning.

Cult of Luna – Circle

Another band that became indispensable on first listen, Cult of Luna have consistently delivered all the way through to last year’s ‘A Dawn to Fear’. However, if there’s an album I keep getting drawn back to it is 2002’s ‘The Beyond’ and particularly the track ‘Circle’ which is about as beautiful as post rock / metal gets.I recently bagged this on vinyl too so it is enjoying a resurgence in my household.