06 September 2021

Losin It With Luscious show #66 The Punk That Ate Floyd!

Join in as we dive into the classic East Bay Punk of “The Thing That Ate Floyd”, live Culture Shock, new tunes from Nightwatchers, Lady Bird, U.T.I., Klubber Lang, & Bob Vylan, faves from Flipper, Pussy Galore, Operation Ivy, Neurosis, Cringer, Slayer, The Fall, Brave The Cold, Christ On Parade, Sweet Baby, Gang Of Four, Bitch Fight, Ann Beretta, Refused, Stikky, Steelpole Bathtub, Living End, Cybermen, Lard, & Mummies, and the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Operation Ivy- Hangin Out
Stikky- Don’t Lick My Leg
Cringer- Cottleston Pie
Capitol Punishment- Jacknifed Rig
Sweet Baby- Andorra
Bitch Fight- On And On
Steelpole Bathtub- Bee Sting
Neurosis- Common Inconsistencies
Lady Bird- Factory Fool
Gang Of Four- Return The Gift
Nightwatchers- Their Turn Trying To Rule The World
Refused- I Wanna Watch The World Burn
Ann Beretta- Like A Riot
Living End- West End Riot
Cybermen- Cybernetic Surgery
Christ On Parade- Doctors
U.T.I.- Puerto Escondido
Mummies- Sooprize Package For Mr. Mineo
Bob Vylan- Pretty Songs
Lard- War Pimp Renaissance
Brave The Cold- Upheaval
Slayer- Born Of Fire
Klubber Lang- There There
Fall- Tempo House
Pussy Galore- Constant Pain
Flipper- You Nought Me
Culture Shock- Twenty Questions (Live At Surplus Fest 2015)
Culture Shock- Uncivilised (Live At Surplus Fest 2015)
Culture Shock- Punks On Postcards (Live At Surplus Fest 2015)
Culture Shock- Go Wild (Live At Surplus Fest 2015)
Culture Shock- Visibility (Live At Surplus Fest 2015)

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