28 February 2022

Losin It With Luscious #86 It’s A (punk) Sin at The Last Resort while Roar battles it out with Rudimentary Peni!


Here’s the newest from Manic Hispanic, Roar, Soot Sprite, & Rudimentary Peni, plus classics from Devo, Pansy Division, Subhumans (UK), Effigies, Tegan and Sara, SVT, Bouncing Souls, The Space Lady, Rancid, The Brat, Allvaret, Homobiles, The Path, Amebix, Menace, Joy Division, 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, Holograms, Los Fastidios, Stacey Dee, Dash Rip Rock, Dead Moon, Discount, Zorn, X, and a special song from The Last Resort- plus the Luscious Listener’s Choice runner-up from last week!

Roar- Duck Or Ape
Roar- Chinese Tattoo
Tegan And Sara- Walking With A Ghost
S.V.T.- Modern Living
Space Lady- Ballroom Blitz
Devo- Be Stiff
Pansy Division- It’s A Sin
Rancid- The Bottle
Bouncing Souls- True Believers
Manic Hispanic- Teardrop On My Eye
7 Seconds- Clenched Fists, Black Eyes
Allvaret- Lagenergi
Brat- Starry Night
X- Sex And Dying In High Society
Dead Moon- Out On A Wire
Dash Rip Rock- Party Hall Of Fame
Stacey Dee- Are You Ready For Us?
Last Resort- String Em Up
Los Fastidios- Football Is Coming
Discount- Lights Out
Holograms- One Time Only
Soot Sprite- It’s Summer And I Don’t Feel Like Smiling
Joy Division- Disorder
Homobiles- Which Side Are You On?
Moral Crux- Disconnected
Rudimentary Peni- Media Person
Rudimentary Peni- Him Hymn
Rudimentary Peni- Black President
Minor Threat- Filler
Path- Spread Plague
Path- Washington Is Burning
Zorn- Lament
Amebix- Winter
Effigies- Mob Clash
Subhumans- Where’s The Freedom?
Menace- Carry No Banners

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