01 March 2022

Dancing With The Dead February 22 Mixtape

Each month join Ben Jekyll for a look at the best of the best that we have been lucky enough to have had submitted, all mixed and mashed into one gurt big mix/mash up.

We dash through rock, punk, indie, industrial, goth, metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, metalcore, death metal and whatever else gets thrown our way.

This month features music from

Trevor Something – lovesong
Nouveau Arcade – summer is over Fury Weekend Remix
Cassetter – quagmire
Scandroid – phoenix Kaixo Remix
HighSociety – rip my heart out feat Skyler Cocco
Void Chapter – target acquired feat Megan McDuffee
Circle Of Dust – bed of nails Inexedra Remix
The Birthday Massacre – cold lights
Rotten Mind – die young
South Haven – delirious
Dorothy – rest in peace
The Snuts – zuckerpunch
Skinny Knowledge – i wonder
Cossing I`s Dotting T`s – all feelings aside
Drug Church – premium offer
Ocean Grove – sex dope gold
Grumpster – looking good
Dune Rats – what a memorable night
State Champs – everybody but you
Telltale – lie your way out
Years Down – best of worst times
Youth Sector – always always always
Youth Illusion – blood on my hands
Delayed Departure – what do you want from me?
Windwaker – beautiful
Blind Channel – bad idea
Violet Blend – need
Hawxx – detonate
Puppy – …and watched it glow
Blacktoothed – you never know
H.E.R.O – lead the blind feat Philip Strand
Becko – cryblood
Silverstein – ultraviolet
Profiler – ninety three
Breathe Atlantis – break the silence
Cane Hill – drag me down
The Amsterdam Red Light District – happy ending
Erra – stockholm syndrome
Sicksense – kings today
Spite – caved in
Ithaca – they fear us
Pupil Slicer – thermal runway
thrown – new low
Inclination – thoughts and prayers
Kublai Khan – swan song
Malevolence – on broken glass
Canavar – razed right
Extinction AD – 1992
Misfire – red flag
Vio Lence – let the world burn
Embryonic Autopsy – cauterized womb impalement feat James Murphy

Big thanks to every single PR and band that have submitted their songs.

Feel free to submit or recommend anything or anyone that we missed via benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk

Catch his normal show every Saturday from 8-10pm via mmhradio.co.uk