29 April 2022

Kyle Sevenoaks covers The Prodigy’s “Breathe” MMH

Kyle Sevenoaks:

I’ve always been a massive fan of The Prodigy, their intensity and power through the genius use of samples were always a thing that made my ears perk up. Every time the DJ played a song of theirs in a club I’d be immediately energized, seeing them live was a huge experience as well.

I’d wanted to do a cover of Breathe for the longest time, having learnt the main riff on guitar and playing it over and over for years. I attempted it a couple of times before but was never really happy with the result. That was until I got my 9-string guitar and played that tasty riff so low down. It made things rumble inside me I didn’t know were there. I added my favourite types of industrial and orchestral elements to the arrangement and was absolutely in love with what I’d done with it. Finally, I’ve created the sound I’ve always wanted to make, and I cannot get enough of it!