20 May 2020

Interview with Neaera

We managed to catch an interview with Sebastian from Neaera. Read the full chat below!

1. For those who don't know Neaera, could you tell us a bit about yourselves?
We're five guys from Muenster Germany, who like Death Metal and Metalcore. Back in 2004, we started Neaera.
After about 15 years of touring and releasing six albums, we stopped/quit the band due to personal reasons but with no hard feelings.
Now we have just returned from a 5-year pause and released our seventh album, titled Neaera.
What a timing right? Gladly, we were still able to perform our release show.
Shortly after that, the state halted all concerts due to a certain global pandemic...

2. How have you been tackling the recent changes due to Coronavirus?
Do you have any advice for others, so they stay sane during isolation and/or lockdown?
I think the first days and weeks one simply has to come to terms with the whole situation and keep themselves updated via trustworthy news media,
and check on family and friends.
In Germany the government took strict measures quite early, but still later than needed.
Now things begin to get better and everyone seems to be already talking about when to lift the lockdown.
Lets hope the're right.
I think keeping a nice creative and demanding hobby, or rather a couple of hobbies,
that give your brain something to cling to is the best way to stay positive.

3. In the next 3 year period, what are the main milestones you'd like to see Neaera achieve?
To be pretty honest, we don't really have goals or milestones planned out. At least not like back in the day.
Our main goal nowadays is having a good time playing shows, hanging out with old friends, fans and bands we are friends and fans of.

4. Are any of you listening to an unsigned smaller artist or band at the moment, that you think other people should give a listen to?
I could mention our guitarist Tobi, who has had a lot of interesting side projects over the years.
Not every one of them having names, but "I the Unlord" was interesting stuff. Maybe check it out on youtube or facebook etc.

5. If you had to choose between vinyl, CD or streaming, which one would you keep? The rest no longer exist.
Vinyl of course. It simply feels and sounds real the most.
It might be a bit more complicated or inconvenient, but it forces you also to stick to what's playing,
the way the artist or band wants you to, rather than skipping songs.

6. Technology is ever-changing for everybody.Can you think of any ways that the music industry, and the way fans interact with artists,
might change in the near future? Whether it's the way things are marketed, or how shows are put together, etc.
I think a lot has already changed over the recent years.
The whole arsenal of digital marketing, crowdfunding, endorsements and digital interaction via social media etc.
But in the end nothing beats the live experience. Concerts are about feeling the music, the very same the musician does.
That's even more obvious nowadays with all the artists streaming.
Even if it's a noble and good cause, cheering people up during quarantine, you still feel disconnected.
It is just not the same to me.

7. Finally, if you were able to tour with any band (dead or alive) who would it be?
Given the present circumstances, where touring isn't even allowed, I`m grateful for whatever shows are up ahead.
No matter what band. But back in the day we used to joke with our good friends in Fear My Thoughts,
how we all would be playing our reunions at Wacken 2030 as "old" people.
We'll see. Cheerz!