26 September 2021

Heresy with Adz

If you missed last nights Heresy, and have no petrol to go anywhere – the podcast it ready and raring to go – all you need to do is grab your favourite drink, press play and enjoy

This week, Pop Will Eat Itself were on #HeresysQuantumLeap. Californian Death Rockers Cinema Strange took a joyride #OnTheFlipdide whilst Sheep On Drugs were the stars of #SoundtrackSoundbites


Cabaret Voltaire – Spies In The Wires
Revolution Above Disorder – Illuminate
Big Electric Cat – Paris Skyes
Vampyrean ft Chris Pohl – Your Nightmare
Beauty In Chaos ft Whitney Tai – Orion
Sheep On Drugs – Uberman
Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher – Bone Architecture
Traitrs – Mouth Poisons
Di Auger – Piss & Vinegar
Blue Eyed Christ – World On Fire (The Joy Thieves Mix)
Mechanical Vein ft Faderhead – Feel Your Noise (Toronto Is Broken Mix)
Cinema Strange – Hebenon Vial
Corlyx – The Echo
Slow Crush – Swoon
The Burying Kind – Dusk
Rabbit Junk – Denture
Discipline Theory – Man Made Humanoid Monster Man
Actors – Cold Eyes
Press Gang Metropol – Orphans
Gaye Bykers On Acid – Nosedive Karma
Pop Will Eat Itself – Hit The Hi Tech Groove
Pop Will Eat Itself – 21st Century English Civil War
Vlimmer – Meter
Placebo – Beautiful James

Apologies in the delay – Mrs Heresy took me Christmas shopping – Christmas shopping in September – the world’s gone mad!!

You can listen to Heresy every Saturday night at 10pm (BST)