26 September 2021

Dancing With The Dead Short Sharp Shock Show 21

Welcome to one of the last few annual shows from Ben Jekyll

This is one of my favourites, the #shortsharpshock show.

The simple premise is short, sharp songs with a run time of less than 3 minutes.

It really is that simple, and it usually leads to hectic and chaotic fun.

This year includes….

Enter Shikari – the paddington frisk
Alkaline Trio – stupid kid
Green Day – platypus (i hate you)
Lit – my own worst enemy
Less Than Jake – short fuse burning
The Offspring – i wanna be sedated
AFI – file 13
Blink 182 – the rock show
Bad Religion – can`t stop it
American Teeth – barred out
Rancid – time bomb
Redhook – bad decisions
The Subways – holiday
Kavanagh – citizen 202
Turnstile – holiday
The Chase – black cloud
Arctic Monkeys – dancing shoes
Therapy? – nowhere
Klubber Lang – not my day
Anti Flag – 1 trillion dollar$
The Wildhearts – caffeine bomb
Autopilot Off – blind truth
Weezer – why bother
Angel Du$t – big ass love
A – wake up
The Almighty – crank & deceit
Amen – broken design
Psychostick – dogs like socks
Zimmers Hole – evil robots
Genocide Superstars – destroyer of worlds
Magrudergrind – divine dictation
Gadget – dedication
Columns – bear molester
Blockheads – follow the bombs
Slayer – abolish government/superficial love
Incisions – no shame
Sick Of It All – built to last
Pizzatramp – bet she was fit (when she was younger)
The Broken Bones Gentlemans Club – brohemian rhapsody
Giants – a&e
Assert – die on your feet
Sepultura – policia
Biohazrd – authority
The Hell – step it up

Did I miss anything short, sharp and amazing?

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