31 May 2021

Heresy with Adz Bank Holiday Festival Special WGW 31.05.2021

If you missed the bank holiday special where I took a look back at Whitby Goth Weekend 1996 (and a bit of 1997), you can listen to the podcast now

Midnight Configuration – The Kissing Skull
Die Laughing – Fire Dance
The Marionettes – Ave Dementia
Corpus Delicti – Saraband
London After Midnight – Kiss
James Rays Gangwar – Another Million Dollars
Children On Stun – Echoes
Inkubus Sukkubus – And The Sea Shall Consume You
Sunshine Blind – Regodless
The Horatii – Body Of The Fish
Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline
Manuskript – Plastic Fangs (Live from Whitby 1997)