31 May 2021

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 30th May 2021

How’s it going peeps ??? With the last show of May 2021 now well ‘n truly in the bag, we bow out with a mighty epic from our current “Band Of The Month” – Genesis (no guesses) plus some other rather amazing tracks from across the board to help get your Whitsun Week off to a good start.

Habe a good ‘un –  Steve & Lou xx

Featured in this edition………….

Steven Wilson – In Pieces
David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock (Live)
The Flower Kings – Just This Once
Marillion – The New Kings
Daniel Eliseev Project – Mirror World
Van Der Graaf Generator – (Oh No I Must Have Said) Yes
Led Zeppelin – In My Time Of Dying
Various – Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd Cover)
Time Shift Accident – The Hand Of God
Genesis – Supper’s Ready (Live)
Ally The Fiddle – Sisyphos
Thieves Kitchen – Prodigy
Tangerine Dream – Radio City
Darwin’s Radio – Lapse Of Sensation
Jeff Beck & The Jan Hammer Group – Darkness (Live)
Kansas – Song For America (Live)