24 January 2021

Heresy with Adz 23.01.2021 with Rhys Fulber Interview

Nosferatu – Savage Kiss
Ludovico Technique – Up To The Flames
Teminal – Deadline
London After Midnight – Where Good Girls Go To Die
Skeletal Family – She Cries Alone
Professional Murder Music – Slow
Sex Gang Children – Deiche
Inanis Yoake – Everything Bad
Batavia – Fields Of Gray (UHF Mix)
Christian Death – Sleepwalk
Children On Stun – Sidelined
Children On Stun – Echoes
Front Line Assembly – Alone
Interview with Rhys Fulber
Delerium – Incantation
Left Spine Down – She’s Lost Control
Rhys Fulber ft Sara Taylor – Slip It In
Black Needle Noise ft Bill Leeb – A Shiver Of Want
Noise Unit – Corroded Decay

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