24 January 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 3

Welcome to Dancing With The Dead, another dash through as much awesome new music that Ben Jekyll can get his hands on.

This week features new singles from

Lowrider – refractions
Stone Deaf – the velvet hammer
Starified – scapegoat
Motorjesus – dead rising
Chez Kane – too late for love
Ludovico Technique – up to the flames
Blitz Union – plastic
The Matchstick Skeletons – told ya so
Circus 66 – jekyll or hyde
AFI – twisted tongues
Scarlet Aura – colour blind
Metalite – a virtual world
Arched Fire – remote controlled end
Ektomorf – smashing the past
The Crown – motordeath
Cattle Decapitation – finish them
Red Method – slaves to the new world order
Dvne – SI-XIV 142.00
August Burns Red – standing in the storm
Landmvrks – paralyze
Sin7 – danger zone
RA The Rugged Man – who do we trust feat Immortal Technique

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