21 March 2021

Heresy with Adz 20.03.2021

Did you miss Heresy last night? If so how are you going to keep up with the work place conversations this week? Well, I have good news, you can now listen to the podcast and not feel left out.

Pop Will Eat Itself – Can U Dig It?
Nuclear Sun – Head Like A Hole
Paradox Obscur – Existence
Alia Synesthesia – Stop Go
Bells Into Machines – Wretched Little Deity
David Bowie – The Hearts Filthy Lesson
Go Fight – Icarus (Mekabeat)
The Joy Thieves – Badlander
Dead Animal Assembly Plant – A Violent Breed
Modal Citizan – A Revenant Is Born
Rob Zombie – Boom Boom Boom
Josie Pace – Fire
Wayne Hussey – Marian
Kill Shelter with Antipole – Burn Bright
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk
Justin Sullivan – Amundsen
A Cloud Of Ravens – World On Fire
Feu Follet ft Vlimmer – A Light Underground
Dead Astronauts – Chauffeur and the Flame
The Dramedy – Popsicle
The March Violets – Snake Dance
The March Violets – My Demons
The Burying Kind – Falling Over
Rosetta Stone – Shock

You can catch Heresy every Saturday at 10pm