21 March 2021

Dancing With The Dead with Blackmore`s Night

Join Ben Jekyll something a little different this week.

We have an in depth conversation between Richie Blackmore and Candice Night about Nature`s Light, the new Blackmore`s Night album, including the tracks Four Winds and Wish You Were Here

There`s also new music from

Grand Theft Audio – another life
Void Vater – i want more
Danko Jones – i want out
Thundermother – the road is ours
Sumo Cyco – no surrender
Atreyu – underrated
Erra – shadow autonomous
Act of Denial – slave
Nuclear – hatetrend
Arion – i love to be your enemy
Terminalist – relentless alteration

And some classics from

Blutengel – black
Then Comes Silence – warm like blood
VNV Nation – testament

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