14 April 2022

Halflives release new single Dynamite

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Having earned millions of streams over the last couple of years and with a growing fanbase all over the world, Halflives are back with a bang – literally! They are back with a brand new single called Dynamite – it’s full of hooks and one of the most infectious choruses you will hear for months to come.

The video for Dynamite, which features the ups and downs of relationships in spectacular fashion, can be enjoyed below:

Dynamite marks the start of a new era for Halflives. For the details on what this means, we will hand over to Linda Battilani:

“Hello pack, how u been? The next chapter of Halflives is getting close, and I wanted to tell you that it will be only me. I want to thank oscar and fede for their dedication to what Halflives has been so far. Their support means a lot and I’m glad they followed me through this crazy journey. They’ll keep playing and touring with me but you may see other musicians joining me on stage in the future, so I didn’t want anybody to be confused. But going forward Halflives is just me and you – the fans. now buckle up and get ready for what’s next.”