26 December 2020
Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 25.12.2020

You missed the last Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan of 2020, and guilt took over. You do not know what to do. Do not be alarmed, for DJ Canatan is here to take care of you. Here is the podcast link and what you have missed:

This week’s topic: What makes a home “home”

Artists and songs featured:

Stratovarius – The Kiss of Judas
Joe Satriani – War
Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss
Cynic – How Could I
Wintersun – Death and the Healing
Voyager – Hyperventilating
Uriah Heep – Take My Soul Away
U.D.O. – One Heart One Soul
Skid Row – Into Another
Swallow the Sun – Falling World
Abbath – Harvest Pyre
Candlemass – Black Dwarf
Kamelot – March of Mephisto
Circus Maximus – The Weight
Eluveitie – A Rose for Epona
X-Japan – Kurenai
Mastodon – Jaguar God
MSG – Time
Yes – Roundabout

Remember, Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan airs every Friday at 7 pm EST/midnight GMT on mmhradio.co.uk with great tunes and interesting topics. See you on January 1st.