19 December 2020
Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 18.12.2020

Another show in the bag. Did you miss it? No worries, you can catch up with Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan via the podcast and hear his rants about aliens and their lack of commitment in invading the planet.

Plus, you can listen to these quality artists and songs:

Liquid Tension Experiment – Acid Rain
Kalmah – They Will Return
Scar Symmetry – The Illusionist
Iron Savior – Heavy Metal Never Dies
Magic Pie – Silent Giant
Allen-Lande – When Time Doesn’t Heal
Katatonia – Lethean
Covenant – Chariots of Thunder
Soen – Martyrs
Kingdom Come – Who Do You Love
Marty Friedman – Whiteworm
Enchant – Within an Inch
In Flames – Jester Script Transfigured
Seventh Wonder – Alley Cat
Brainstorm – The Leading
Riverdogs – Welcome to the New Disaster
The Flower Kings – Pandemonium
Pantera – Cemetary Gates
Scorpions – Holiday

Remember, Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan airs every Friday at 7 pm EST/midnight GMT on mmhradio.co.uk with great tunes and interesting topics.