16 April 2018

Demob Happy at The Flapper, Birmingham

Demob Happy at The Flapper, Birmingham

Newcastle formed, Brighton based trio ‘Demob Happy’ gave an astonishing gig at The Flapper last week with support from ‘Valeras’ and ‘Souer’.

Left to Right – Drummer Thomas Armstrong, Singer-Bassist Matthew Marcantonio and Guitarist Adam Godfrey.

I was absolutely blown away by the first support act ‘Valeras’ who played a great combination of shoe-gaze rock and indie to perfection. Originally from Reading, these guys include a female vocalist (who totally killed the bass), three guitarists and an epic drummer! One thing I really admired about this group is that the vocals are so soft but the music is extremely fierce; combined I feel this makes a truly unique sound. They performed their newly released single ‘Is This Love’ which is available to stream now so if you do anything today, check these guys and gals out!

Advised for fans of Wolf Alice, Marmozets and The Amorettes.


If you admire unique vocal techniques then you will definitely enjoy the beautiful concoction that is used from the ladies (and gent…) of ‘Souer’. The combination of ranges represents a real grunge feel behind their sound and definitely held the room very well. The bass lines for each song were so savage and reminded me very much of Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads (total legend by the way). When asked if anyone had seen ‘Souer’ before most of the audience cheered, to which Anya, Vocals/Guitar, responded ‘that’s lovely!’. I would advise anyone reading this to check these guys out….and if you have the chance to see them live, I promise, you will not be disappointed. 

Image Source: Jazz Jennings

Advised for fans of L7, Hole, Babes In Toyland and Skunk Anansie.


The crowd roared at the entrance sound of a siren and arrival of the psychedelic triple treat that were, Demob Happy! Opening with a corker off their latest album ‘Holy Doom’, their single ‘Liar’ was definitely a great opening choice!

Although the audience was only around a 55 capacity, the sound they gave for Demob was out of this world! Psychedelic prints and long hair was waved around to the beats for each song perfectly in time. Lead singer, Matthew Marcantonio, even commented on how blown away he was that people were singing along to every song.

The first time I heard these guys was through ‘Flying Vinyl’, a vinyl boxset that contains 5 7” singles that get released each month. For their single, they released ‘Be Your Man’ which is for sure one of my favourite releases of 2018 so far; they ended their set with this corker and the whole room just buzzed!! It highlights influences from a super 60s, psychedelic movement and reminded me of The Beatles – Yellow Submarine or Magical Mystery tour, both of which I love! The atmosphere was of that, that can only be experienced at an incredible gig like this one. You may already know what I mean if you’ve seen them support the likes of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes!

A brilliantly, astonishing gig and definitely a group I would love to see and hear more of! If you’re into trippy, vivd, swirling, shoe-gaze styled music….you NEED to listen to these guys for sure!

Their second album ‘Holy Doom’ is available now. Make sure you get your copy, man!


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