29 September 2014

Deadcell/Oceanis; 18th September 2014, Zanzibar Club, Liverpool ‘Forever’ Mini Tour

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Review by Dean Clark

This was the first show of the 3 day Forever mini tour, starting in Liverpool which was then to be followed by Manchester & London.

The venue was the Zanzibar Club in Liverpool, a nice size place with great acoustics. Not sure if it was because it was a school night or the venue had not promoted it, unfortunately there were not that many there to support both acts which was a shame as they missed a brilliant night. What is happening to music in this country?!


oceanisThe support was provided by local band Oceanis, who according to their Facebook profile are:
‘a 5 piece metal band from Liverpool, UK. We five driven individuals with a passion for creating music that is bold, dynamic and above all, exceptionally heavy.’

They weren’t kidding, they pounded through their tracks with great guitar riffs, pounding drums & excellent growling vocals from vocalist Joe. Upfront and in your face, Joe would leave the stage and scream into somebody face in the audience, before jumping back onstage.

If you like your metal loud and you’re in Liverpool, check these guys out.




deadcellDeadcell are Holland’s top Industrial Metal act, started in 2006 by vocalist Marcus Bodine as a solo project evolving into the rock monster we see today. In this time they have released 5 albums, and toured with the likes of KMFDM, Die Krupps, Hanzel & Gretyl, performing over 350 shows across Europe.

There have been a few line-up changes recently, and this was the first time I had seen them in the current line-up.
Snowflame had returned on guitar after timeout with the birth of her twins, Dylan was in to replace Gea on Bass, Stefaan was now a full member on guitar, and noticeably through the show, Marcus did not play guitar.

They kicked off their set with the classic ‘Ode to Fuck’ pounding through tracks from all their albums including the single ‘Forever’ which was released earlier in the year through crowdfunding, along with some of personal favourites ‘War of Choice’ and ‘Dog of War’.

Marcus’s vocals were a great as ever, and without the guitar had room to move around the stage. Stefaan & Snowflame rocked the guitars, and Dylan pounded the bass from the back of the set. Therion69 was rocking like a man possessed with his effects and backing vocals, unfortunately there was no video backdrop due to space, as this always adds an element to the Deadcell experience.
We were treat to 11 tracks in all before the band left the stage for a short while, and then returned for an Encore with ‘Torture Land’ & ‘Black Rooster’

It was a great night, followed by a few more drinks with the band and a chance for me to record an interview with Marcus.
Deadcell will return to the UK in October once again supporting the excellent Hanzel & Gretyl on their ‘Black Forest Metal Tour’, in Edinburgh, Sheffield and London

Set List:

Ode To Fuck
Waiting For The Day
My Sacred House
War of Choice
The Endless Fire
I Cry
Dog of War
The Storm


Torture Land
Black Rooster

Deadcell are:

Marcus Bodine – Vocals
Snowflame – Guitars
Stefaan Vantyghem – Guitars
Dylan Smith – Bass
Therion69 – VJ, Backing vocals