29 August 2020

Dancing With The Dead Short Sharp Shock Show Podcast 2020

A change of pace this week as an annual show rears its head.

Every year I have a Winter and Summer Beat Invasion, a Covered Up Special, a Females That Rock Special and this, the Short Sharp Shock Show. 

A show that only requires the songs to be less than 3 minutes long.

It`s that simple, any genre, any style as longs as its short!

This year features music from

A – wake up
The Gaslight Anthem – wooderson
The Misfits – attitude
Minor Threat – i don`t wanna hear it
Bad Religion – operation rescue
Dog Eat Dog – gangbusters
Downset – against the spirits
Nailbomb – blind and lost
Revolver – instant idiots
Skindred – world domination
Little Hell – virus with shoes
Amen – nobody`s friend
Carrie – molly
Danko Jones – the finger
Weezer – knock down drag out
Silver Sun – dumb
therapy? – watch you 
The Almighty – some kind of anything
koffin Kats – saaw my friend expplpode today
Dag Nasty – circles
Silverchair – find a way
Alice In Chains – we die young
Faith No More – surprise! you`re dead!
The Mad Capsule Markets – all the time in sunny beach
One Minute Silence – 1845
AFI – he who laughs last
The Offspring – smash
Green Day – the grouch
The Distillers – sing sing death house
The Interruptors – by my side
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – lets face it
The Sovereigns – jump!
Save Ferris – superspy
Enter Shikari – the paddington frisk
Everclear – heroin girl
Rancid – roots radicals
Fearless Vampire Killers – bite down on my winchester
Electric Six – pullling the plug on the party

Catch the show in its regular spot 8-10pm UK time on a Saturday night via mmhradio.co.uk

If you would like to submit a song for airplay or to request the classic to close on drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk