26 December 2020

Dancing With The Dead Punk Highlights 2020 Podcast

And so it continues, the final month of the year gets Ben Jekyll all retrospective and takes a look back at the best bits of the year.

In this edition we look at all the bits that have that distinctive punk sound.

Some poppy, some rawky and just plain noisey. 

Struck Out – mindless 

Sundressed – size of my heart 

Broadside – heavenly 

The Deadnotes – hopeless romantic 

Octopus Montage – grow up 

Billy Talent – reckless paradise 

Man With A Mission – change the world 

Burnt Tapes – getitgotitgood 

Dragged Under – just like me 

Attendant – bootlicker 

Brasher – death is temporary, class is permanent 

Bobby Funk – i`m a cat 

Gob Patrol – anarchy 

Scene Killers – not so working class 

The Owen Guns – it`s too late 

Under The Influence – body parts 

Kicked In The Teeth – dead air 

Bob Vylan – northern line 

Destrends – missing people 

Last Hounds – handmade 

Lazer Eye – stuck 

Idles – mr motivator 

Fever 333 – bite back 

Abertooth Lincoln – soup for my family 

Figures – someone uninvited 

Code Orange – underneath 

As Everything Unfolds – hiding from myself 

ManDown – we want blood 

NewMeds – twenty three 

SickOnes – agility 

Smiling Assassin – national pride 

Did I miss anything? Feel free to let me know, or to request/submit a song for inclusion via benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk

You can catch the show first time round from 8-10pm UK time via mmhradio.co.uk  every Saturday night