27 December 2020

Dancing With The Dead 2020 Metal highlights Mixtape

Welcome to the third in a series of 2020 highlights mixtapes from Ben Jekyll.

This one features a collection of metal, metalcore and thrash songs that have been released and submitted over the course of 2020.

Normandie – holy water
Novelists FR – after the rain
Fire From The Gods – break the cyle
Loathe – two war mirror
The Uneven – punching bag
Crematory – unbroken
Rob Zombie – the triumph of king freak
Cypher16 – it`s a long way back
Body Count – bum rush
Diamonds on Neptune – erase
Killer Be Killed – inner calm from outer storms
Hollywood Nightmare – controlled
Hacktivist – armoured core feat Kid Bookie
Landmvrks – rainfall
Cane Hill – power of the high
Rise of the Northstar – sayonara
Blitz Union – human robot
Torqued – right now
Architects – animals
Bleed Again – survive
Alpha Wolf – restrict (r18+)
Wage War – surrounded
August Burns Red – defender
Savage Hands – blue
In Hearts Wake – son of a witch
Currents – second skin
Polaris – hypermania
Bleed From Within – into nothing
Club Dread – floor gazer
Daze of June – hypnos feat Courtney LaPlant
Blame The Sacred – the exiled
Like Moths To Flames – yotm
Broken Calling – redemption
Detachment – work horse
I, Pariah – criminal
Irist – burning sage
Malevolence – keep your distance
While She Sleeps – sleeps society
Octopus Montage – a shortcut (to the unconcious mind)
Orbit Culture – open eye
Spritbox – holy roller (Crystl Lake remix)
Hounds – beast
Blackcast – the american dream
As Paradise Falls – bleed for the crown
Testament – night of the witch
Speultura – means to an end
Raging Speedhorn – hard to kill
Thirteenth Sign – electric hammer
Beyond Extinction – god complex
This Is Turin – absolution
Thy Art Is Murder – killing season

Have we missed any? Let us know, drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk 

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