27 October 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast Oct 26

Each week Ben Jekyll digs through the latest singles and submissions and tries to find the best of bunch so you don`t have to do the digging!
Listen via mmhradio.co.uk every Saturday from 8-10pm UK time.
Drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk to submit or request a track for airplay.

Battle Beast – golden horde
Chyra – battle within
Kaine – loudwire
A Joker`s Rage – my heroes
Smash Into Pieces – ego
Austerity – one man terror dance
Esoterica – in dreams
Mortland – one last chance
Violet Orlandi – the kill
Leo Moracchioli – american idiot
Skatune Network – misery business
Derange – human
Hexed – obedience
Acherontia Styx – as above, so below
Strigoi – nocturnal vermin
Blood Eagle – doctrine of death
Dematus – all or nothing
Aephanemer – the sovereign
Allegaeon – metaphobia
Konkhra – floodgates
Entombed – say it in slugs
Dismember – casket garden
Daemon – envy