14 November 2020

Dancing With The Dead Hatebreed Brief History Of Podcast

This week Hatebreed celebrated the 23rd Birthday of their debut album, Satisfaction is the Death of Desire and they have a new album due at the end of the month.

To celebrate this, Ben Jekyll has taken a look at their career in another Brief History Of segment where a track is selected from every one of their albums.

Hatebreed – driven by suffering
Hatebreed – perseverance
Hatebreed – facing what consumes you
Hatebreed – to the threshold
Hatebreed – shut me out
Hatebreed – in the ashes they shall reap
Hatebreed – put it to the torch
Hatebreed – looking down the barrel of today
Hatebreed – instinctive(slaughterlust)

We also manage to find time for some new music from

Magg Dylan – you oughta know
Normandie – holy water
Crostpaths – defiant
Black Lakes – deathrone
Glass Waves – do it again
Daze Of June – hypnos feat Courtney LaPlante
Oceans Ate Alaska – metamorph

The 501`s – rage
The Vigil = sink or swim
The Pretty Reckless – 25
Murder By Love – send me an angel
Magic Dance – restless nights 
Gunship – eleanor rigby
Celavi – du hast
Dust Prophet – down below
Casket Robbery – from hell
Twiztid – rose petal

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