15 November 2020

Heresy with Adz 14.11.2020 with Der Prosector Interview

If you missed last nights Heresy, which included an interview with Der Prosector, you can catch the podcast now.

Der Prosector – Car Bomb (Hellburner Mix by The Joy Thieves)
The 69 Cats – Hollywoods Bleeding
Black Angel – Christine
Rabbit Junk – Curse
Fields Of The Nephilim – Power
X Marks The Pedwalk – Walk Away
The Sea At Midnight – Medicine
Modal Citizan – Trepidation
Der Prosector Interview
Der Prosector – You’re Being Lied To
Dead Or Alive – It’s Been Hours Now
Chris Connelly – Silk Balune
PTP – Show Me Your Spine*
Murder Inc – Murder Inc
Bells Into Machines – Wretched Little Deity
The Faces Of Sarah – What About Us?
Children On Stun – Echoes
Revolting Cocks – You Often Forget
Revolting Cocks – Air Traffic Control
Rave The Reqviem – Holy Homicide

*Disclaimer – Although included in my mini Chris Connelly segment, after playing the track, I realised it was not this song, but rather Rubber Glove Seduction and My Favorite Things that featured Chris on Vocals – Apologies!