25 January 2020

Dancing With The Dead Beat Invasion Synthwave Special

Join Ben Jekyll as he takes a wander through the neon drenched world of synthwave in a #beatinvasion special edition!

Loaded with music from

Gunship – the videogame champion
NightStop – dancing killer
Robert Parker – 85 again (feat Miss K)
The Midnight – los angeles
James Jupiter – unknown presence
Trevor Something – sega genesis
Night Runner – magnum bullets (feat Dan Avidan)
Droid Bishop – days of the running man
Electric Youth – without you
Jesse Frye – faded memory
Protector 101 – tourist (feat Dead Astronauts)
Carpenter Brut – looking for Tracy Tzu
FM-84 – running in the night (feat Ollie Wride)
Nina – automatic call
Perturbator – hard wired (feat Isabella Goloversic of Memory Ghosts)
September 87 bad dream baby
LeBrock – interstellar
Moonrunner 83 – hearts on fire (feat Josh Dally)
Dance With The Dead – the deep
Lazerpunk – black lambo (Aethetic Perfection Remix)
Highway Superstar – splash
Miami Nights – 1984 – early summer
Lazerhawk – king of the streets

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If you would like to submit a request or a track for airplay drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk