25 January 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 24.01.20

Saving the planet one song at a time, this is the ethos of The Global Onslaught and on this week’s show we have some real treats for you from the world of Rock, Metal and everything in between.

On the show.

A Thousand Horses-Drinking Song
Behemoth-Sabbath Mater
Betray The Throne-Party Crasher
Brocarde-Love Me Till I’m Beautiful
Burning Witches-Sea of Lies
Code Orange-Underneath
Delain-One Second
Elevation Falls-Demon
Fallen Temples-Broken
Gorilla Riot-Black Heart Woman
Hope Darling-Lifeline
Loathe-Two Way Mirror
Maven-Stronger than You
Molly Karloff-She Said
My Dying Bride-Your Broken Shore
Novelists FR-Cest La Vie
Peter and the Test Tube Babies-Facebook Loser
Primal Static-Fall Before Your Pride
Sepultura-Last Time
Slipknot-Nero Forte
Suicide Silence-Feel Alive
The Night Flight Orchestra-Divinyls
The Rocket Dolls- Enthusiasm and Fumes
Western Wilds- John